Our company began providing services in 2001. As part of our ongoing desire for improvement, our company decided to become certified in 2017 as a demonstration of its excellence. Aspects related to quality, environment, and safety are image values for organizational growth and continuity.

Against this backdrop, our management certification system has been certified according to the following standards:


  • UNE ISO 9001: 2015. Quality Management Systems.


  • UNE ISO 30301: 2011. Information and Documentation, Management Systems for Records.



At SDC, satisfying the expectations of our customers is our mission. Along these lines, the company policy established by management is to:


  • Guarantee the satisfaction of our clients and other interested parties, by committing to complying with the requirements of the service management system and implementing ongoing improvements.


  • Guarantee risk and opportunity assessment as a tool for improvement.


  • Guarantee company satisfaction through respect for the environment, regulatory compliance, and a commitment to the constant improvement of our system.


  • Promote employee satisfaction by appropriately organizing and managing people to improve our system.


  • Communicate relevant information about quality and record management to customers, the organization, providers, and society at large.


  • Ensure that this policy is available both internally and externally, and that the policy is communicated, understood, applied, and maintained through documentation. 


Our quality goal is to become recognized as a leading company in our field, due to both the quality of our services and our individualized customer service, contributing to the success of SDC with this strategy.

In order to guide our actions toward the ongoing improvement of our services, Management encourages the entire staff to comply with the provisions set forth in our Quality Management System and contribute all of their professionalism and interest to attaining these goals.