SERVICIOS DE DIGITALIZACIÓN Y CATALOGACIÓN, S.L. (SDC) is a specialist in making profitable documentary heritage of companies. We advise, catalog, digitize and offer solutions to efficiently manage files and documents, both analog and digital.

Against this backdrop, our management certification system has been certified according to the following standards:


  • UNE ISO 9001: 2015. Quality Management Systems.


  • UNE ISO 30301: 2019. Information and Documentation, Management Systems for Records.



SDC’s mission is to provide services that meet the expectations of our customers.

In this line, the Management establishes as company policy:


● Ensure the satisfaction of customers and other interested parties, committing to comply with the requirements of the service management system, applying continuous improvement.


● Ensure the evaluation of risks and opportunities as a tool for improvement.


● Ensure the satisfaction of society, through respect for the environment, compliance with legislation and the commitment to continuous improvement of the system.


● Promote employee satisfaction through proper organization and management of people to improve the system.


● Communicate relevant information on quality and document management to clients, the organization, suppliers and society in general.


● Ensure that the policy is available both internally and externally, communicated, understood, applied, and maintained as documented information.


As a quality goal, we must be recognized in our market as a benchmark company, both for the quality of our services and for the personalized treatment of our clients, and with this strategy we can contribute to the success of SDC.


In order to direct the steps towards continuous improvement of our services, the Management urges all staff to comply with the provisions established in our quality management system and to contribute all their professionalism and interest in achieving the objectives.