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We adjust to the current situation of your company and your needs to offer you the best possible solution.

    Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

  • You have a completely disorganised archive and are not sure exactly what it contains. However, it is likely that many documents are important ones that could become assets for your company (Cataloguing)
  • You have a physical archive that is totally organised and catalogued but you would like to obtain better performance (Digitalisation)
  •  You generate a large quantity of digital documents. You need to organise them to ensure that all departments can use them swiftly, and spend less time finding the file that their interlocutor needs (DAM / platform).

At SDC we assist you in finding the best combination of order, preservation and management of your documents and archives, and we prioritise according to your needs.



At SDC we take care of organising and cataloguing your documents and archives, irrespective of their current state.

Description criteria need to be established to organise correctly. At SDC we base our work on the international archival standard ISAD(G) (General International Standard Archival Description), adjusting it to the needs of our clients.

We have developed own digital systems that make us stand out from competitors. Because of these systems, we can optimise the indexing and description of the documents, and offer better quotes.

Some of these systems developed by SDC are the following:

  • Auto indexer. A tool automatically indexing all the contents of a text document, to locate it immediately after being added to the information repository with no need for any further actions. This facilitates description tasks and the location of documents.
  • Thesaurus Platform: a tool developed to register a thesaurus (list of terms) in four languages, making indexing tasks faster.
  • Description of negatives. When there are negatives but no positives, indexing and description work cannot be done without digitalisation, and this means a substantial cost increase. We have developed a system allowing documents to be viewed and indexed in advance. This means that clients can decide whether to invest in digitalisation or not.
  • ICA-AtoM Accelerator: Facilitates massive data introduction into the archival programme ICA-AtoM.



We make it easier for you to preserve your documentary archive.

Thanks to the ongoing research at SDC to add technology progress to our processes, we have developed various systems allowing us to Digitalise all kinds of materials: Documents, Photographs, Magazines, Newspapers, Books, Negatives, etc., thereby significantly reducing quotes in respect of our competitors.

Once the process has ended, we hand you a high resolution digital copy and a series of low resolution copies. If you wish, we can add a special watermark to protect your property.

Like all our services, we always adjust to our clients’ needs, and therefore we always seek the best trade-off between resolution and price.

DAM Software

DAM Software

SDC was a pioneer and became established as a leader in the Spanish industry thanks to the development of its own computer platform, currently known as Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software.

What does it consist of?

DAM Software es una plataforma digital en la nube que permite a las empresas centralizar, gestionar y compartir de forma controlada y segura todos sus archivos digitales desde cualquier dispositivo con acceso a internet.

DAM Software is a cloud-based digital platform allowing businesses to centralise, manage and share all their digital archives. In a controlled and secure way from any device with Internet access.

What makes our DAM Software different?

1. It is a cutting-edge technology tool and is also intuitive and very easy to use, as it has the appearance and usability of a search engine.

2. The interface of this digital platform is always customised with the corporate image of every company and adjusted to its criteria and needs.

3. SDC dedicates an IT team exclusively to maintaining and constantly improving this platform. This means we can offer our clients the development of tailor-made applications.

What are the benefits?

Thanks to our DAM Software tool, you will be able to convert your documents into an asset for your company, providing an incentive and, at the same time, making it easier for your team to gain advantage from these resources.

In a nutshell, what we offer can be defined as a “customised search engine” belonging to the client’s company, including all documents, images and own videos.

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